Inser art

City, country of the initiative: Martinique, France
Name of the organization: Inser Art

In August 2013, three ambitious women, Vanessa, Christelle and Chanaël, decided to embark on a beautiful adventure: to set up projects and actions for the benefit of the youth and families of Martinique.

Inser Art in its dynamic of insertion and promotion of youth decides to make its contribution to young Martinicans. Already active with young people and trained in the area of integration, prevention, mobility, and art, it seemed appropriate to carry out a project aimed at gathering, sharing, exchanging, and discovering ideas, projects, and development of young people through different themes.

To do this, the development of a digital “magazine” type communication medium was chosen as the most suitable means for the implementation of this youth dynamic. Indeed, to date there is no official communication medium for the promotion of young people, allowing exchange and discovery between them, their backgrounds, projects, and experiences… Faced with these elements, the implementation of such a project can only bring more to our Martinican youth.

“Valuation is essential to the success of our youth, there is real work to be done there: both culturally and identity-wise as well as socially and professionally!”

Chanaël Marie-Luce, president of the association Inser Art.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, editions of this magazine have been produced in a digital version. The magazine is produced by young people, in partnership with local structures and institutions working in the youth sector, and who can thus contact the structure to share their actions or advice for Martinican youth.