Brevet de sécurité financière

City, country of the initiative: Martinique
Name of the organization: Jeune chambre économique de la Martinique

The mission of the Jeune Chambre Economique is both local and international. The organization is a network afiliated to the United Nations that achieves sustainable development goals. The target group is the Martiniqueans youth from 18 to 40 years old.

The project is named « Brevet de sécurité financière », « Financial security certificate ».

The local context in Martinique is that there is no industry. Thus, it is very rural. Economically speaking the territory has always been disadvantaged and it is even more now because Martinique is still recovering from the consequences of the pandemic. To overcome the difficult economic integration of the youth, la Jeune Chambre Économique created a tool to empower the youth in managing its budget.

This tool helps young people to set up a financial strategy. For example it helps to
memorize key notions about finance.

This initiative is both ecological and responsible :

  • responsible : in Martinique, youth are asked to contribute to family expenses. A grown up who has been financially well educated is able to meet the needs of his/her family.
  • ecological : the leaflet produced for the initiative have to be thought responsible.

The pandemic permited to raise the question of financial autonomy in Martinnique. It
made people face their financial problems and highlighted some solutions. The government implemented a business support for recovery strategy. This initiative becomes an individual support for recovery strategy.