City, country of the initiative: Martinique, France
Name of the organization: Madin’attitude

For Anais, 22 years old, if her project was an object, it would be a wool ball that strengthen social links. This energetic young woman is student and sport coach. She currently works at Madin’attitude that globally aims at giving back confidence and motivation to the youth, especially in the pandemic context. The objective is to highlight their artistic, sportive and cultural projects.

The project Victory Attitude was born during the first lock down in 2020, and later on changed its name to Madin’Attitude.

Madin’Attitude is a web TV that highlights some youth initiative in the medias (youtube, instagram…). The idea is to give them the word and to give them the opportunity to be heard, seen and valorized.

All digital formats are represented : videos, filmed debates, photos, sporting events (like hiking) and are dissaminated on live on the web TV. The expected effetcs are, in the short term, to keep on meeting more youth and in the long term to create a chanel TV that would be disseminated in Martinique.

Link of the web TV :