The answer for social regeneration
is in the hands of young people,

and we must listen to them

The COVID19 pandemic has centrally affected all spheres of youth mental, social and professional wellbeing. Amidst this general sense of loss and hopelessness, young communities across Europe have once again proven their resilience and ability to create even at times of despair.

This is why we need to support young people by:


    Focusing our efforts in re-building society through their eyes.


    Taking their needs into accounts.


    Making the most use of the instruments they are showing to possess.

    To do this, we must first and foremost listen to our youth, and then we must help them connect with each other.

    We’ve listened to and learnt from some of the most active and resilient youth organisations in Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Martinique and Spain. Discover their initiatives on social and environmental solidarity by looking at our EU webzine.


    Stories of active youth, resilience and social solidarity around Europe

    Rebuilding European societies through youth engagement

    We launched the REBUILD project in May 2021 with the aim of engaging formal and informal youth organisations in networking actions, mobilities, and project design workshops in Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Spain, and Martinique.

    REBUILD the goals

    Establish of a network of youth organisations

    among those who led initiatives on social solidarity or environmental awareness in their communities during the pandemic. We will collect their experiences for regeneration in REBUILD webzines.

    Deliver 48 workshops on capacity building and project design to 168 under-represented young people in 5 countries

    to help them develop a project idea, implement it, and evaluate their work during national contests at local level. They will be supported by the network of youth organisations, whose representatives will act as Ambassadors in this life-changing path.


    Represent a Youth Strategy Paper to key EU policy makers in the field of youth engagement

    containing evidence-based policy recommendations about lessons learnt from youth teams’ experiences and tips on how to replicate the REBUILD model and youth-led initiatives in order to inspire new ones.

    Meet together at the Final project Summit in Brussels in April 2023

    with the active participation of the youth networks and Ambassadors, the under-represented young people involved in project activities, and of the project managerial team.