Hagamos Hogar

Reducing loneliness

Hagamos Hogar is a digital platform for shared housing between generations that seeks to enhance the value of the elderly by helping them reduce the feeling of loneliness, and giving a new twist to the way of sharing a home.

There is no house for so many people!

These young people started all the research and hypothesis testing in the quarantine period and began to operate in March 2021. 

The idea of creating new homes arose many years ago through Natalia’s personal experience in which she accompanied, helped elderly people in buying food and medicine.

The previous experience developed her great sensitivity for the elderly, by understanding their stories she also observed that some of them had a great sense of loneliness and that this was increased by living in their large houses with empty rooms. 

Knowing this situation made her start looking for a solution to help reduce this feeling of loneliness.

Thus, after extensive research, she developed Hagamos Hogar, a model of shared housing for seniors, a sustainable service in which older adults can stay longer in their usual home, feeling accompanied by sharing their home with other people with whom they are compatible and can also keep each other company.

A platform that thinks about the elderly

Hagamos Hogar works as follows: once the person over 55 years old registers online indicating that he/she has a free room to rent and wants to enjoy the company of another person, in this case a student or professional looking for an affordable room, quiet and close to his/her work or university, and a profile is created. 

With our system and team of professionals, we look for the roommate that fits your profile and with whom you would have greater compatibility. An important aspect is that all profiles are verified. 

Then, we follow up on the new agreements, accompanying and advising on the coexistence. The idea is that the housemate will be a friend, company and a lot of laughs. Senior shared housing agreements are usually of long duration.

We also have a Senior Home, in which two seniors decide to share housing to live together, share experiences, hobbies and help each other, all framed in mutual respect and understanding.

Generational relationship

The target group of these young people are people over 55 years of age who have a spare room and on the other hand young students/professionals or people over 55 years of age.

The future is in everyone’s hands

These young people have received a lot of support, because when they started the idea the first thing they did was to look for organizations that would allow them to be guided and have mentors to help them clarify the whole idea they had in their head, first they contacted CECOD, who guided them step by step. Then they talked to CADE, the Andalusian Center for Entrepreneurship in order to attend courses and workshops that allowed them to develop their idea.

These young people were aware that they are always going to have difficulties, but for them it was a matter of getting organized, meeting deadlines and doing it, so they see it as small tests that end up filtering through to the population. What is true is that we have to start giving recognition to social enterprises as it is done in other countries, because there are already many companies with a social purpose and that are self-sufficient.

people now have a great advantage because they were born in a digital era, in an era of opportunities and bridges, so they only need to believe and make their dreams come true.

At this moment, it is not necessary to invent “flying shoes”, what is necessary is to observe and look around to realize that there are still many things to be solved, that it is only necessary to detect, believe and feel confident that they will find those organizations or institutions that will support them, but it is also necessary to go and look for them.

Achieving the objectives set

The results so far are very good, they have validated the use of the platform and the users’ login, so they have confirmed their hypothesis. They are setting up a senior coexistence so that seniors can live together.

Also, they have observed how generations are changing and how seniors are adapting to all the circumstances of both the pandemic and the digital generation, so it has allowed them to show these changes to young people, who have also assumed new behaviors.

Learning from COVID19

The confinement helped these young people to focus on everything they wanted to do, on the whole project and to go deeper into the vision they wanted to have when they returned to Spain, because in the pandemic they could see even more the needs of the elderly being locked up and of the young people, because the value of the rents were rising.

Meet one of the people behind the digital platform.

Natalia Ceron is the founder of Hagamos Hogar, she has a degree in Marketing and Market Research from the University of Malaga and is responsible for the project.

Link : https://hagamoshogar.com/