See Why is an informal group with the aim to work close to young people and with youth workers, through different activities, seminars and training courses.


The project is about 5 days program activities aiming the promotion, information, education, training, presentation, development of skills and abilities for the smooth adaptation of young people / target group in thenpost-COVID19 period, both on a personal level and at a professional and national level. Moreover, the way of transfer the knowledge was based in non- formal education. Refereeing to the practical details this project was implement by 5 trainers, 14 participants, 5 days, 20+nactivities. This idea took place in Agros village between August and September of 2020. The initiative it was fast forward process. It was some competence we would likenanyway to develop but during the pandemic we decide to do it faster.


As a person I always like to challenge myself. So when the pandemic started, it was a challenge that i have to face through adaptation. This is the key and my way of living. When i knew that pandemic was coming i tried to improve as many competence as i could related to this. For example, physical activities and digital competences. Someday it was very stressful but general it was a good opportunity to improve myself.

There were many governmental and non-governmental organization in Cyprus that tried to support the youth doing some research for the virus so to be prepared as fast as possible for the new facts that were coming. Personally, I tried to participate in a few of those initiatives, i was part of the Youth Board of Cyprus Recover Team which it was about to do research , develop some digital skills, make bibliography the information we received. Besides that, i tried to participated in online seminars, some related to covid and some to other topics that interested me.


I hope that I managed to contribute to the community since i dedicate my life for improve the society.

One of the main reason we did the initiative during the pandemic was to show to people that any kind of situation, can be valuable experience and find the way to face it. You always can turn it to something positive. That why the pandemic was lifechanging situations not in a negative way. It’s a matter of perspective, how much power you want to use for your personal development, how much you want to support your local community. It’s up to YOU!