Μy name is Sousana Petri and I am a ceramicist-designer-maker. For the last five years I ‘m running my workshop in the historical center of Nicosia, at Ermou street.

My inspiration comes from the Ancient history of ceramics of Cyprus. My motivation is my passion for ceramics and my love for Cyprus as I want to preserve the Cypriot traditions. I also like working with people and having friction with them. It may be difficult at times but it is an exchange of energy and aura. I give and I take it is very important to me. I work with different types of people every day and my schedule is different. This is something I like.

The workshops

Getting in touch with an environment that has no do’s and don’ts is an oasis of relaxation and positive energy. My workshops were experiential and interactive. I am proud to come from a country where everything started from clay. Its history, its traditions. Unfortunately, people today do not recognize this importance of our history. Maybe in many years we will be the ancients and they will learn the history of 2021 through my own ceramic objects. I personally believe that as humans we are all the same. Regardless of our appearance, our past, etc. As Susana, I have opened my doors to people with Down Syndrome, autism, the blindness, etc. I consider it my duty to help these people. Because part of the work does not stop at creating a construction but also the social offer. I feel happy because whoever went through my lab managed to make something regardless of their abilities. This is the purpose of ceramics. Expression and not just creation.


The corona virus was a piece that affected my business just like any other business. However, I want to dwell on the positive of the situation since for me it was a very creative period. So where there was a negativity around me, for me it was a huge break that I could devote to the creative part of my job. It was a gift. For example, during this period I took out a specific series of ceramic items which I was promoting through social networking platforms. I hope it gave an aura of positivity to social networks since through the pandemic I showed that you can stay creative and active. I also tried to continue my pottery lessons for those who were interested because I felt that there was this need for relaxation and calm. The fact that the groups were small gave me the green light in terms of safety to offer my students these three hours of lessons a creative occupation making them forget about reality. It is important to mention the effort of the Ministry of State for the promotion of agritourism in Cyprus with a series of pottery seminars that I did for free at that time.


As Susana, I believe in giving to society. To learn an art, to come close to the traditions of the place. At least one person to help I feel grateful. My needs are to give art to the world. During the pandemic period, most people turned to artists as an oasis of creation as they realized that art is life. I believe in the institution of art and what it can offer to the world. As a self-employed person I think I am wronged because I feel in a way that I have no rights. I believe these are problems that we all know but we do not do anything to change them. Positive people even with difficulties will find a way to succeed. But the pandemic that started asking ourselves questions for example what is the meaning of this life. But the meaning and what you gain from this situation is to remain positive. It’s all you have left. So I think we valued life a lot more. We managed to understand the importance of nature through excursions, camping and in general the simple everyday moments. At that time we all needed an honest discussion so we were interested in the one next to us I want to believe that this pandemic brought us closer to each other but also to our own. To know us better and to give the best we have because we understood how short life is.