Impatto APS

When we talk about the climate crisis and responsible choices, it is easy to get discouraged: it seems very difficult to do our part and think that our individual actions can have an impact for real change.

This is why we need to motivate young people to challenge themselves on a daily basis and embrace more sustainable lifestyles.

Impatto was born as an ideas lab to actively involve citizens and share with them a concrete vision of the concept of sustainability through small daily challenges and reducing the environmental impact of their lifestyle.

In particular, the organisation raises awareness of critical and responsible consumption through online and offline activities that allow participants to put themselves to the test and experience sustainable alternatives in their daily lives.

"Impatto is a very positive reality always trying to look at the opportunity to be seized without being knocked down by events that are not under our control. Impatto was born from an idea of Francesca, our president, who is the core of positivity of the organisation. From her idea, from her strength, she has attracted to herself positive people, people with some ideas who didn't know where to channel all this strength during a period that was clipping our wings".


As a matter of fact, Impatto was founded at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the first year, activities were mainly online and focused on reducing the individual's environmental impact in a comprehensive manner.

#impattochallenge: assessing the social impact of individual choices in order to reduce waste and wastage

Given the need to start the activity remotely, the Impatto team chose to undertake actions in line with the organisation mission and values, inspired by the concept of a daily challenge to subvert the negativity of the pandemic and create opportunities for growth.

Hence the idea of proposing a series of monthly online challenges organised in small steps, 7 #impattochallenge to address sustainable issues such as:

  • Ethical fashion, to raise awareness and help participants calculate and reduce the social impact of their wardrobes. This activity, in particular, started on the occasion of Fashion Revolution Week e in association with Dress The Change.
  • Sustainable Christmas: to deal with the main aspects linked to the Christmas festivities and reduce their environmental impact.
  • Zero waste: to learn how to calculate and reduce one's own waste.
  • Sustainable eating: to understand and reduce the environmental impact of everyone's diet.

Overturning collective fears during the lock down into strengths was the best choice to make tto make the organisation known also outside the local area: challenges have enabled Impatto to exploit the potential of the network and spread its vision and gaining support by volunteers from all over Italy.

“That's the great thing about Impatto: it makes people want to do something. And it takes very little to do something: we can take this steps individually and they can have an impact on those around us, and that is the main purpose of our initiatives.”.


Moreover, the importance of proposals coming from any person is recognised, which allows every activist and volunteer to feel involved and be able to contribute.

A guide to low impact living

The goal for 2022 is to co-create a tool designed to be of real guide for anyone who decide to approach their consumption choices in a critical and responsible way. Impatto guide will be written in collaboration with ethical realities and networks known thanks to the crowdfunding launched on the Produzioni dal Basso platform and supported by Banca Etica.

AWho is the guide intended for? Peer-to-peer, to guarantee real support towards a low-impact life for those who are starting to live their housing, economic and social independence.

Impatto Guide

In particular, the guide has 3 main objectives:

  • Making young people aware of the impact of human actions on the environment and other living beings.
  • Stimulating action, through concrete challenges and practical home made experience.
  • Networking with services and virtuous realities in the area, without which the fundamental piece to complete the puzzle of change would be missing.

Future expectations and tools to promote education for sustainability

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, Impatto is contacting local administrations to expand the area of intervention to younger age groups.

In addition, it is assessing the need for funding and financial support to organise events and reach a different audience - because education for sustainability is in the interest of everyone.

In the meantime, the team is engaged in the dissemination of awareness-raising columns through social networks campaigns and podcasts on various digital platforms, all related to sustainability issues.

“Impatto is young, but structured. It's amazing to think where we are now in the short time we've had. The idea of meeting new realities and being able to join together to plan on a national level and then, who knows in the future, maybe even on a European level could be very important and make the difference. Have further contacts and grow our network, also to spread our message more and more is certainly part of our dreams".