Calendrier inversé

The reverse calendar

City, country of the initiative: Martinique, France
Name of the organization: Le calendrier de l’avent inversé 972 – Cynthia Yerro

The reverse Advent calendar operation aims to support people in need.

The principle is simple:

from December 1 to 20, people put aside a small gift (one per day) for a person in need.

Either the participants know someone in need around themselves, either Cynthia introduces them a beneficiary through partnerships with local structures helping people in need. The beneficiaries are the homeless, isolated elderly people, and students in precariousness. The gifts will then be given to them.

Cynthia gives participants a box in which they deposit the gifts. These gifts can be objects in good condition that you no longer use, for example, or even hygiene products, books, sweets, or anything that can be helpful during difficult and gloomy times.