Finding hidden gems in the city…

This brave woman resident in Malaga and of Italian origin, has decided to carry out her initiative in order to contribute to a more conscious and sustainable world, giving a new opportunity to “waste” through art. 

Tiziana’s objectives are: i) to raise awareness among the population to reduce consumption; ii) to promote the reuse of objects and iii) to recycle waste that can no longer be used.

To this end, Tiziana applies the art knowledge she has acquired throughout her life to choose, transform and finish the pieces or raw materials she finds in the streets of Malaga.

Old for some, new and improved for us!

This young woman’s idea started in Malaga at the time of the confinement, since at that time she realized that the amount of waste in the city was increasing compared to the past weeks or months when she had just arrived in Malaga.

In addition, being literally locked in another country because of the restrictions that existed at the time, she decided to undertake this endeavour, not only for her own well-being but also for that of the community.

The first thing Tiziana did was to collect objects she found on the street, such as furniture, cans, plants, electronic objects, among others.

The next step was the cleaning and transformation of each piece, so that in each of them she created a unique design and style, although depending on each object she continued having the same use or changed it.

Once she had different items with which she could show her work to the community, she started with the creation of her Instagram page Titi Toke, in which she started with the creation of the logo that contains her profile silhouette.

In addition, she added posts of all the items she created and continues to create, this way she can keep in touch with people interested in buying or supporting her initiative.

By applying the advanced knowledge she has in art, Tiziana tries with her actions not only to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste but those of the community. In this way, she contributes to reduce the environmental problems that are occurring.

To do this, she walks the streets of Malaga in search of her raw material, which is the waste thrown away by other people. Sometimes she knows what kind of material she needs, and sometimes she collects it and eventually gets inspired to continue her transformation.

Once the waste or raw material is collected, Tiziana takes it to her workshop for the corresponding sanitization process, which varies depending on the material.

Similarly, if it is necessary to perform an extra process because the wood, steel or other material has corrosion, that is the moment when it is cleaned and the corresponding curing process is performed to remove the damaged part and protect the product in the future.

With the raw material ready, the artist moves on to the moment of transformation in which she puts her advanced knowledge of art to work and brings these materials back to life, either by giving them a totally different use or by giving them a touch of design in the style of Tiziana or Titi.

With the finished product, the necessary photos, publications and reels are made to inform the community that follows her on her Instagram page of her new creation, and in case someone is interested in supporting or buying products from her initiative, they can contact her, donate or purchase the products.

  For green fashionistas!

The target group for the Titi Toke initiative is very broad, as it is designed for people who are concerned about the environmental situation and want to contribute. In addition, it is offered to people who like to be stylish and innovate with their furniture, jewelry or other items.

Local isn’t always global

The Pros is that Tiziana has managed to reuse a lot of waste and has managed to reduce consumption by people who have bought their products.

On the downside, she has not yet managed to reach a large population that would allow her to have a greater impact with her initiative. In addition, she has not yet received aid to continue advancing with her idea, which makes it difficult to buy the extra materials she needs or to work on her idea on a daily basis.

Start small, think big!

Tititoke has been able to stay afloat, thanks to the effort and professionalism of the creator of this initiative. She has managed to sell several of her products to local population and hotels, with whom she has been able to transmit her idea and above all generate awareness in consumption and environmental care. We hope her initiative grows as time passes!

COVID19 Experience   

The pandemic has taught Tiziana to look for social and environmental improvements, although it was a difficult process because she was trapped in Spain due to sanitary restrictions. However, this situation helped her to consolidate the idea of entrepreneurship that she already had in mind many years ago, and what better time to start an initiative in favor of society and the environmental issues than during a global pandemic when people need it most?

As a sidenote, COVID-19 changed Tiziana’s plans and she is now a resident in Malaga and an entrepreneur, so despite the adversities she considers that if they had not been presented in this way, perhaps she would have taken longer to start this endeavour.

Meet Tizania:

The contact person at Titi Toke is Tiziana Procopio, a young Italian artist living in Malaga who has advanced knowledge in classical and contemporary art.  
Link: https://www.instagram.com/titi.toke