The Covid-19 outbreak has affected all social segments, especially vulnerable social groups, with consequences that need to be addressed to mitigate its long-term effects. Before the pandemic outbreak, more than 50% of young Europeans perceived themselves as socio-economically marginalised based on geographical or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, etc. Already excluded from democratic life, the youth now faces a higher risk of misinformation and infodemics as an obstacle to their civic participation.

While the world was experiencing a health crisis, young Europeans felt the urgency to cooperate. The REBUILD project aims at unlocking this great potential by building a bridge between these young people and policymakers.

Through the webzine “Urban Perspective”, the project is connecting inspiring youth formal and informal organisations across Italy, Martinique, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Spain. Local networks of young people have been established so they can exchange ideas and work towards a common goal.

When asked about their experience, Alfredo from Tu Sei La Città told us that:

“Only together can we find the energy, the passion, and the professionalism to be able to do something and design together“.

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