The Set up of REBUILD Youth Networks

The REBUILD Partners initiate the activities with local networks through guided conversations

As part of the Rebuild WP2 activites, the implementing partners of the REBUILD project have initiated guided conversations in order to set solid ground for the implementation and sustainable impact of the REBUILD action. These guided conversations will feed into the overall results of the WP2 and the REBUILD project in general. Each of the partners therefore have updated on the progress of the task:

CESIE from Italy, has held conversations during November 2021 with youth organisation representatives from Tu sei la Città in Palermo. The main topic of discussion was the effects of the pandemic and efforts put in resolving the obstacles. Also, the topics of urban regeneration, involvement of youth at risk of social exclusion and/or other social and cultural issues were discussed at the event.

CARDET from Cyprus has held 8 conversations with youth organisations and non-formal groups during October and November 2021. Representatives of the organisations « Global Shapers », « SeeWhy », « PlanBe PlanItBeIt », « Round Table », « Scouts », « Souzana Petri Crafts », « Athinodoros », « Untold Stories » have discussed their work and initiatives during the covid 19 pandemic.

DADA from Martinique has held 6 conversations in the period from September until November 2021 with youth workers and youth representatives where they also presented their projects. The organisation welcomed the participants as they became part of Martinican and European network that supports young people with few opportunities in Martinique.

KMOP from Greece has contacted youth organisations and organisations working directly with youth during the period of October-December 2021.

Asociacija « Aktyvus Jaunimas » (Active Youth Association) , based in Lithuania, has conducted 9 conversations with youth workers and a non-formal group of youth during the period from September to October 2021. The topics discussed were REBUILD project and personal experiences during the pandemic.

The initiatives that have emerged from the target groups, the unexpected challenges faced, the resolutions and surprising positive results were presented. On the question “What could youth themselves do to help each other” – the most common answer was « To communicate with each other », bringing the conversations to a simple conclusion: the thing young people  miss the most is a simple, natural and honest real life communication.

The project REBUILD aims to empower youth organisations/informal groups of young people, and underrepresented young people by enhancing their participation, dialogue, civic engagement and networking at local and EU level while supporting the rebuilding of inclusive and greener societies in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.

The specific objectives are:

  • to strengthen capacities of youth organisations/informal groups of young people by stimulating an exchange of good practices on social solidarity and green lifestyle initiatives and by developing local and transnational networks;
  • to enhance skills of underrepresented young people by providing them with tools needed to foster innovative forms of civic participation, constructive dialogue and awareness raising campaigning;
  • to empower underrepresented youth to play a key role by engaging them directly in project design and implementation for rebuilding inclusive and greener societies;
  • to promote new strategies for the inclusion and participation of underrepresented young people by actively engaging them in a dialogue with youth stakeholders and policy makers.

The project is implemented by 7 partners from Italy (CESIE), Martinique – France (D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs), Greece (KMOP), Spain (AIIJ), Lithuania (Active Youth Association), Cyprus (CARDET) and Belgium (OTB). 

The REBUILD project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ KA3 European Youth Together Programme of the European Commission.