Initiatives menées par des jeunes

Le projet REBUILD a soutenu 25 groupes de jeunes d'Italie, d'Espagne, de Martinique, de Chypre, de Grèce et de Lituanie dans la création d'initiatives de jeunes sur la solidarité sociale et le mode de vie éco-responsable. Dans chaque pays, une trentaine de jeunes répartis en 3 à 5 équipes ont participé à des ateliers de formation à la gestion de projet, à la mise en œuvre et à la sensibilisation, et ont été guidé.es dans la conception de leurs initiatives. Iels ont utilisé leur créativité, leur imagination et leur motivation pour créer des changements dans leurs communautés. Iels ont tous.tes accompli un travail remarquable en créant des projets de soutien aux jeunes migrants, aux personnes âgées et aux personnes handicapées, des initiatives de régénération urbaine, de recyclage créatif, de sensibilisation aux déchets alimentaires et bien d'autres choses encore. Dans chaque pays, une équipe gagnante a été élue par un vote en ligne et un vote du jury, et a eu l'occasion de présenter son initiative lors du Sommet international de la jeunesse à Bruxelles en mai 2023. Au-delà de la participation, nous nous sommes efforcé.es à encourager l'autonomie, l'auto-organisation et l'appropriation par les jeunes de leurs propres idées et désirs.

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Let’s paint our school together


PEL Project


Πεլ is an independent art project, that began in April 2022 by Pantelis Nicolaou, Elena Adamou, and Liana Ghukasyan. Today the group is composed of 7 interdisciplinary artists, including Andia Ntoa, Yiannis Avraamides, Natalie Charalambidou, and Vasilis Vasiliou.

In the framework of the EU program Rebuild and with the support of CARDET we met with children, parents, and their teachers from the public Kindergarten Ayios Georgios in Larnaca, Cyprus, to paint a mural altogether on the Special Education Department building of the school.

The action aimed to beautify and add color to the courtyard through creative activity to transform the school into a more friendly environment with a positive impact on a psychological level for both children and adults. This group painting activity became for everyone a beautiful experience to remember for life!



Getting ready for Action 003 🙌 This Sunday, January 22 our team will be at Ayios Georgios Kindergarten in Larnaca to paint a mural along with the kids and their families! 

#paintingtogether #murales #muralart #kindergarten #artproject #painting #socialproject

This Sunday we are painting in Ayios Georgios Kindergarten!

#paintingtogether #murales #muralart #kindergarten #artproject #painting #socialproject 


Thank you CARDET and @rebuildingeu ♥️

Beautiful Energy Flowing 🐟 #rebuildeu

Take a small tour in Ayios Georgios Kindergarten to view the mural we created with the kids, their parents and their teachers! 💙 #rebuildeu

#socialproject #painting

Donate with Zero Food Waste Cyprus this Christmas


Zero Food Waste


Zero Food Waste Cyprus is an initiative that was born in 2018. It consists of a group of young volunteers that aim to actively reduce food waste by attending local fruit and vegetable markets across the island, collecting food that would have been thrown away and donating it to anyone in need.



#Donate with Zero Food Waste Cyprus #Let's make things a little bit different this Christmas!

With the help of @cardetngo @dignitycentre and @hopeforchildrencrcpolicycenter we collected fruits, vegetables, dry food, clothes, toys, kitchen appliances and so much more!

Everything was donated to 120 people in need including 20+ children!

The event was supported by @cardetngo through the @rebuildingeu project!

Presentation of the Saturday Aftermarket initiative and its results.

Video during their initiative.

Video of the Saturday Aftermarket initiative. (31/12/2022)

#71BarberQue - Movember


71 Scout Volunteers


Youth volunteers of scouts initiated an awareness campaign on prostate cancer. They combined it with a fun day, including raising awareness, shaving people’s mustaches, burgers and raising money for the Movember campaign. The event attracted more than 100 participants.



Instagram Story promoting the event

Photo from the event sharing knowledge about prostate cancer

Photo from the event shaving mustache

Photo from the event shaving mustache

Laserfest and Pioneering


Kaimakli Volunteers


Kaimakli volunteers organized a laserfest and pioneering event on the 05th of February. They invited local minority groups as well as people from disadvantaged backgrounds and it turned up as a huge success. More than 150 participants spend their day experiencing the sustainable way of game Lasertag, as well as learnt how to build pioneers with sustainable, raw tools.



Instagram story

Facebook event

Facebook image promoting the event

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Our project aims to raise awareness about environmental protection and upcycling through creation of useful objects made with natural elements or reused materials (like egg trays, palm leaves, bottle caps, etc). We created 3 different kits, adapted for different age groups, containing objects made with natural and reused materials.


The Ti'Moun kit allows your children to have fun playing tic-tac-toe 🤗

Material: used egg plate and bottle caps.

The adult kit is used to decorate your desk, you can use it for your pens🖊, pencils 🖍 and others...

Materials: flowers and herbs, used toilet paper rolls, used pvc plate

The Gran'Moun kit allows our seniors to refresh themselves with this beautiful fan ☺️

Composition: poultry feathers, exotic flowers.

Preparation and final product of the Ti-Moun kit. It is a board game made with recycled caps.

Preparation and finalized product of the adult kit. It is a kit for office decoration.

Preparation and final product of the Gran-moun kit. It is a fan made with feathers.





We are a group of sewing students sensitive to the protection of the environment. We decided to reuse clothes intended for disposal because a lot of clothes are considered disposable even though the textiles that they are made of could be recycled. The goal of the initiative was to raise awareness on the environmental impact of fast fashion and to offer an alternative. We reused old jeans and transformed them to create a unique, eco-responsible product in the spirit of slow fashion.



Explanation of the term fast fashion - it is a way of producing and consuming fashion which has many negative environmental and social impacts.

A few key numbers and facts about the production of jeans. 

Presenting the concept of slow fashion as an alternative to fast fashion.

Madin’ Daily Green


Madin’ Daily Green is an interactive game whose objective is to raise awareness on the environment protection in Martinique. The game includes questions about waste processing, wastewater treatment and about the island itself. It is meant to be played outside so that the participants can explore the island and discover its beauty in an active way. The game is accessible to people of any age and background, to both tourists and locals, and it can be played in family.


Introducing our project

Final results

Players from our school enjoying the final version of the game

Did you know..? Wastewater treatment plants

Did you know..? The Organic Waste Recovery Center

Did you know..? Used motor oil



KARE'A is first and foremost the meeting of six minds that are as different as they are complementary, united in an associative project. Together, we aim to create cultural and artistic events, in the dynamic of promoting our local Martinican artists. The goal of our project is to address the near absence of exchange or work spaces for artists in Martinique that are suitable for the development of networks and the transmission of skills. With KARE’A, we want to respond to this problem by revitalising local artistic and cultural life. All in a dynamic of eco-responsible awareness.


What is the value of the project KARE’A for Martinique? 

​​#martinique #karea #ankarea #fwi #art #culture

A moment of sharing as we had dreamed a few months ago! We still have some challenges to face but we will meet again soon for next events.

For even more SHARING, more ARTIST, more DISCOVERY!

Our goal is to create a real community within which everyone grows and discovers themselves.

#event #artist #martinique #echange #rassemblement #rebuildtheworld #vlog

Who are we?

How did we find each other?

Our motivation !

Find the whole team behind #karea !

#vlog #rebuild #projet #motivation #art #culture

A little recap of our first event organized with KARE’A.

 See you soon for more shows! 

#karea #performance #rebuildtheworld #artiste #martinique#art #musique #peinture

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Break the Limits


Break the Limits


We are 7 students of Málaga University and we decided to do a social project. Our project consists of the inclusion of Down’s Syndrome People in the society and specially in the sport. We also want people to get to know their potential in order to make clubs and companies consider it. The most important activity we have done is a sporting event where 25-30 Down Syndrome People came, and then another one with people who do not have Down Syndrome, to achieve inclusion. We think that it has had a significant impact because lots of people have known about our project, most of them have supported our ideas and many people have participated in our activities.



This is the first photo where we explain the theme of the project and we show our logo.

In this reel we presented the team members of the group.

We did a post about World Disability Day.

We informed the public that we were going to organize a sporting event. We published the date, place, activities, …

We posted our first day's work and things we did such as preparing the photocall, promoting the event...

In this post we published our objectives.

This is an advertisement for the project.

We showed the installation of Nagare Club, where we organized the event.

This is an interview with a special education teacher.

We published our T-shirts, and we were informed that we were going to raffle one.

This is the publication of the raffle. We required some points to be able to participate in it.

Here, we remind people of our raffle.

In this post, we remembered people the sportive event

This a trailer about the sporting event video.

We did a summary video about the sporting event.

Here, you can see some photos we took during the event.

We did a quiz in the University to discover what students know about Down’s Syndrome.

This is a summary and a reminder about our project.

This is the beginning of our newspaper. In them, we have been telling all our adventures. It is published in one of our highlight’s stories.

We went to Down’s Málaga and organized some more activities for them. This is a summary about those days.

We interviewed Javier Berenguer, who is a bronze national champion in parakarate.

We organized another sporting event but this time achieving the inclusion.

We achieved inclusion in the sport and in this post, you can see the activities we did that day.

We went to train with the Málaga Football team, with which we had the amazing chance to play with Down people.

We did a second quiz in the university with different questions.

In this VIDEO, we reminded our followers to about the presentation of our work in Malaga´s Film Festival

We did a quick video to encourage people to vote for us.

We made a video summary about our participation during Malaga´s Film Festival as well as remind our community to vote for our team

In this reel we thanked the people for them support during the voting process and we did a video of our trajectory so far to encourage them to vote





We want to teach people a very important thing, how to save lives using the cpr (cardio pulmonary reanimation), which is something that everyone should now. Our goal is to reach the maximum number of people through social media. We made a tutorial and some questions so we ensure that everyone had learned it propertly. The results were very good, and thanks to this iniciative, now some people have learned this essential thing.



Our first post, the logo of our project and a little presentation.

Video vlog working on the project.

A description of what our project is about.

Presentation of the members of the group.

Video presentation of the members of the group.

Information about the project, a photo of the members and all our social media.

The video of our project, a tutorial about how to make CPR.

The results of our project after asking some questions to all our followers.

Diversión sin limitación


Diversión sin limitación


We started this project as a social initiative with the intention of creating an impact on society and change the mindset around people with functional diversity. Our main goal has always been to spread awareness and achieve social inclusion and integration throughout sports. We have done activities with associations where people with disabilities could enjoy a day with us while doing adapted physical activity. We also went to some schools where we had a great time with the students trying to educate them into our initiative while doing adapted sports.



Link of our entire Instagram page where you can find all the posts described below as well as Instagram stories.

First post with our logo to welcome everyone into our new social media page.

Set of photos and videos about the first activity we participated in: “II Solidary Run” with the Association Cártama Incluye and the school EEII Arco Iris.

Different posts we did as a section of our page called “Reminders”, where we posted famous people inspirational phrases about disabilities every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for two weeks.

Poster we did in order to announce the day of activities we had arranged with the Association of Cártama Incluye. Then we had to postpone it a week, so we made another post to clarify it.

Video reel “behind the scenes” of our group working on the project.

Video vlog of the visit we did to Bezmiliana high school to arrange the future activity we did with them.

Set of photos about the day of activities we did with the Association Cártama Incluye.

Video reel of the First Diversity Awareness Day of activities, which took place in Bezmiliana high school.

Set of photos and videos of the bracelets we designed for our campaign and the moment we gave them out to the students of the San José primary school.

Two TikTok’s we filmed with the members of the Association Cártama Incluye. They are also published in our TikTok page.

Video summary of the day of activities we had in the Association Cártama Incluye.

Video reel of the Second Diversity Awareness Day of activities, which took place in San José primary school.

Closing video about our emotional implication in this project, highlighting our teamwork.

Post invitation to attend the Malaga’s Film Festival and root for our project.

Final video showing the progress of our project and the diferent activities we created.



Our initiative had the objective of making children aware of the great environmental problem that we are currently experiencing. We focus on recycling. On this subject we carried out several activities spread over two days, which were an introductory talk, which ended with a group competition, where we asked questions about what was previously told in the talk. At the end of the talk, we divided the group into two to carry out a workshop where we made sports objects with recycled material (bowling, stilts, etc.) The second day we did some ECO-OLYMPICS, where we used the objects made on the first day (bowling, stilt race, etc.) The impact on the children was very satisfactory since all the children were very involved and they were seen with concern for the current environmental situation.



In this post, what we simply wanted to show was our logo of the initiative.

This publication consists of several posts which present our initiative (members of the group, topic discussed, the reason for choosing that topic, objectives, and awareness phrase)

In this video he shows the first meeting that the members of the group had with our mentor.

With this publication we want to tell you the reasons why you have to recycle.

In this video we show the coexistence that the members of the group had with our colleagues from Italy and Lithuania at the headquarters of the International Youth Initiative. Later we all visit the botanical garden of the University of Malaga together.

The post is from the day we were with our colleagues from Italy and Lithuania at the International Youth Initiative headquarters at the time we finished our presentation.

This post was at the end of our project with the children of the High School "Costa del Sol"

In this video we show the 2 days we spent with our children from the High School "Costa del Sol", where all the activities we did are summarized.

In this folder we show curiosities about recycling

In this folder we show our project meetings.

In this folder we show a little our visit to the High School"Costa del Sol"

In this folder we want to tell relevant data about the environment.

In this video we show how can recycling be fun.

You move, you improve


The main objective of this project is to reduce sedentary habits in society.

 Our proposal starts from the research of the origins of sedentary habits in the pre-adolescent age. After the initial evaluation, dynamics are implemented which offer theoretical and practical knowledge. By this way, sports activity is internalized as an attractive element for their own health. 

Once we work with the origins of the problem as a cause of future pathologies, we seek to work with the elderly, inciting active aging.



Project post presentation

Team presentation ¨Volver a Ser¨

First session: Initial theoretical evaluation

Daily content compilation: suggestions and information of lifestyle habits.

Alternative content to raise awareness of non-sedentary lifestyles.

Video showing our promotions strategies (t-shirts and posters)

Second Session: Healthy gymkhana. 5th and 6th grade students at the Lex Flavia school, our Healthy Gymkhana. It consisted of a game made up of three stations in which through physical activity we taught them about healthy eating and non-sedentary lifestyle habits.

Video promoting the logo as well as a giveaway of the project t-shirts

Video promoting our progress through our QR codes from the posters we placed in the Malaga University

Social studies were carried out through questionnaires and interviews on lifestyle habits.

Third session: Dynamics of organized activities with a certain level of physical demand working on different motor skills.

Fourth session: First contact with the association of elderly people with initiative.

Video summary of preparation of the fourth session

Diffusion program of the project

Promotional video to remind our subscribers to vote for the team.

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Green Roofs


Green Roofs


Our objective is to spread awareness about green and sustainable lifestyle by creating something new. We made this happen by creating a space made from recyclable materials that is filled to the brim with green plants. To make this space even more sustainable, we decided it would be a great idea to use empty and wasted space on suitable roofs. We felt like this space should be available for everyone at any time. Therefore we decided to house our project in an open youth center in Šiauliai. We believe that we accomplished our goals successfully.



We were interested in the opinions of our community and followers online about our project and ideas. Our team created a google form in both Lithuanian and English languages. This post shows some of the results. Having considered the outcomes, we realized that many people care about the safety of our planet, although they do not contribute in any way at all.

In this sped-up video we show one of many things that had to be done in order to progress with making the furniture for our green roof.

To follow up on our previous post, we came up with examples to live eco-friendly without making substantial changes to their routine, though making a significant step forward to live mindfully.

This post was our announcement and an invitation to the opening event for our green roof.

This is a showcase video to go along with the invitation to interest people in coming to our opening event.

In the photos of this post, you see our team and some moments captured from our opening event.

Once our 3D furniture layout was finally finished and pallets were prepared for use, the construction work began. Here’s a sneak peek into our work behind the scenes.

Žaliasis Ovalas


The GO


The project “Žaliasis Ovalas” (The Green Oval) was meant to encourage young people to live a more sustainable way of life.
Main objectives of the project were (1) to involve young people from different areas of Vilkaviskis district into creative workshops with second hand materials and (2) to invite community members to gather together, share information and knowledge about green lifestyle and sustainability.

While implementing the initiative, we organized a bike hike, 3 hikes, an educative meeting with local water cleaning company, a few mini interviews of Vilkaviskis inhabitants, 5 workshops, a photo contest, an interactive presentation of the initiative “The Green Oval”, and carried out a digital poll about personal youngsters’ meaning of living sustainably.

Almost 100 participants were involved in our different activities during the whole process of implementation of the initiative. We received attention from community members of various age groups live, online (Instagram, Facebook) and an offer to work on the Green lifestyle and sustainability topic from Youth organization in Slovenia as well as invitation to cooperate and organize activities with different youth groups locally (School council, non-formal youth groups).



Final event of our initiative and congratulating winners of the photo contest in the Open Youth Centre

The final activity of our initiative was the final meeting to evaluate our way in the last half a year and also congratulating our photo contest winners, sharing presents for participants, who stayed together through the whole process. It was a nice and cozy time together.
We managed to start active cooperation with foreign youth organization in Slovenia and do a lot of work concerning another international project.

Bicycle hike around the lake

During our first activity we cycled around the Paežeriai lake. We were relaxed and rested from car noises. It was our first activity together with AJC so there weren't too many people participating, but we still enjoyed it very much. It was a good start of the initiative implementation.

Hike and educative meeting with local water cleaning company

We visited JSC “Vilkaviškio vandenys” to find out about the water cleaning cycle and see the process itself. Sadly only our group went there, because it was a closed event. But we shared what we’ve learned with others during our workshops and more.

Hike in the surroundings of Vilkaviskis district, Pajevonys area

The third event was organized in Pajevonys neighborhood. We enjoyed sunshine and wind, explored nature, tasted some berries, collected materials for other activities with our peers – leaves, rowans, blackberries. In this hike there were more people than in the other activities from different villages of the region and different ages too.

Hike to Alvitas and a candle making activity with youngsters from Alvitas community

Enjoying the first winter weather, we went on a 7 km hike (one way).. We visited Alvitas’ community house, where we made our own candles from the waste of old candles. Together with local youth we could chat and relax after the hike, and drink some hot tea as well as try new things for all of us as our group was not yet experienced and was learning together with others. Of course, we found out, what could be done differently next time we meet for candles workshop.

A survey about personal youngsters’ meaning of living sustainably

At the beginning of the week on our Instagram profile "the_green_oval" we asked youth to share their  thoughts on what "Green lifestyle" means to them and we are very glad that a lot of youngsters participated in our poll. We found out that most of young people understand what "Green lifestyle" is and we hope that everybody are trying to live sustainably, especially after being questioned what habits they have and what could be done in a different way.

Information about the Initiative in the Municipality webpage

We were lucky to be noticed by our municipality Major, therefore we were offered to promote our initiative on the official municipality webpage so that even more people knew there is an active youth group in the area.

The coordinator of youth affairs also shared this information on Facebook.

A candle making activity with leftovers of candles with youngsters of Vilkaviskis Open Youth Centre Community

An active night at  Vilkaviskis Open Youth Centre- VAJC was full of all kinds of scents and sparkled with colorful sparkles. We (the group) have to admit, there is still something to improve, while we wait until the candles will freeze, we spend time playing table football, pool and board games. We have to admit, this activity got so much attention that we could not fit in one kitchen at the same time! But of course, we took turns and youngsters were satisfied about the final result of what they’ve created.

A candle making activity with youngsters from Cyckai community

The last candle making activity (or maybe not ). This activity left a great impression on the new participants from Čyčkai and they even made more than one candle each! Making candles was a lot of fun and we plan to repeat this activity in the future even when the time of our initiative implementation is over. Of course, there are some gaps that still need to be considered and improved, but it makes the process of making candles interesting, we learn something new and learn to apply it during other meetings.

Photo contest

We know that young people are creative and active, so we invite everybody who wants to participate in a photo contest!

As we can't imagine our daily life without smart devices, we offered young people to capture "green" photos. We gave instructions, a certain period of time and waited for "Sustainable lifestyle" photos to be sent to us. As a present, we had quite a few "sustainable" prizes - tote bags with our logo sewn on them.

Interactive presentation of the initiative “The Green Oval” for school council members

We were noticed and invited to present our activities of the initiative to Vilklaviskis district Schools’ council members. 

THE GREEN OVAL presented the activities at the "5 Managers Club" organized by LMS Vilkaviškis MSIC, we are glad that we received support from them and had the opportunity to spread the initiative to an even larger circle of people!

A workshop with second hand materials involving youngsters from Gizai community

Together with Mobile Youth workers  we - members of the youth initiative "The Green Oval"went to Gižai to implement one more activity with second hand materials to create. After having tea and getting to know each other, we all tried to use different pre used items to create something new from them for "a second life". All participants went their individual way and created tea boxes, vases, playful glass frames, decorations for home and many more things to be reused.

A workshop with second hand materials involving youngsters from Bartninkai  community

In Bartninkai, we held the official last activity of the Rebuild project and our initiative, but certainly not the last activity of the Green Oval! During this activity, we resurrected old, no-longer-used items for a second life and found out that the packing granules for packing perishable shipments are actually FRIENDLY TO NATURE! We even made two table tennis rackets, which we later tested and you won't believe it... THEY ARE NO WORSE THAN WOODEN TABLE TENNIS RACKETS! We also made flower pots for the upcoming activities we’re planning in early spring - (planting some seeds), we also made spice jars, pencil cases, boxes and other sustainable creations.



Our main goal is to strengthen the links between different social groups. In less than a year, we have been able to identify problems in the community and solve them through communication.

The activities consisted of two areas:

Communication with young people. Through thematic parties (Halloween, Christmas, etc.), the aim was to connect with passive young people. Results: it became easier to integrate young people into the activities and they started to offer to contribute to the activities themselves.

Strengthening the link between social groups. In order to strengthen the link between socially vulnerable communities in Švenčionys, we carried out visits to different institutions with the youth of Švenčionys district. Result: Young people start to change their attitudes towards people with disabilities and the elderly. People are starting to change their attitudes towards the elderly and the disabled, and they feel a sense of closeness.



#rebuildkartu #socialsolidaryti

The Facebook page is designed as an analogy for Instagram. In order to create accessibility for all the city's inhabitants, we are also active on this platform

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Initiative #1: Rebuild Mediterraneo


Comunità Mediterraneo


Giving new life to disused spaces through the art of creative recycling makes it possible to create aggregative spaces where agriculture, sport and art coexist in harmony with the outdoor landscape. Furniture made from recycled materials, a vegetable garden and a lot of creativity can give new life to a disused structure, teaching young men and women that taking care of spaces allows them to become conscious and responsible citizens within the society in which they live. The Comunità Mediterraneo, a community for juveniles in penal institutions, set up the terrace of the residential facility using recycled material. They created a small urban herb garden and an outdoor socialising area for the young people living in the facility, using their skills in agriculture and creativity and expanding their knowledge in these areas.




È possibile dare nuova vita ad un materiale di scarto destinato a diventare rifiuto?

Attraverso la pratica del #riciclocreativo contribuiamo a salvaguardare il nostro pianeta 🌍 realizzando qualcosa di utile per se stessi e per la comunità.

I nostri ragazzi stanno realizzando un salotto e un orto riciclando pedane di legno destinate allo smaltimento. 🧑🏻‍🎨🪴

Insegniamo ai giovani ad avere cura dei propri spazi perché questo è il primo passo per renderli cittadini consapevoli e responsabili nei confronti dell'ambiente e della comunità in cui vivono.

Nel corso delle attività del progetto #rebuildMediterraneo i nostri ragazzi stanno apprendendo la pratica del #riciclocreativo ♻️ attraverso un ottimo lavoro di squadra 💪🏻👨🏻‍🔧

#rebuildpalermo #cesie

Il filo conduttore della nostra esperienza di #rebuildpalermo è stato il lavoro di gruppo. Abbiamo condiviso i nostri talenti e le nostre passioni per arrivare ad un'idea che pian piano ha preso forma. Ognuno di noi nel suo piccolo ha contribuito a dare vita a qualcosa di utile per la nostra Comunità creando occasioni di confronto, di scambio e soprattutto tanto divertimento.



Initiative #2: Stellaria Eco Festival


Comunità Stellaria


Being an active citizen means recognising the problems of the place where you live and trying to make an impact through small daily actions but above all by setting the right example. Stellaria Eco-Festival is an event organised by the youngsters of Comunità Stellaria, a community for unaccompanied foreign minors in Palermo. Combining the environmental theme with sport, the festival involved more than 50 people in collecting waste in a city park usually used by the boys for sports activities. After the collection, which took place like a competition, football, cricket and draughts tournaments were organised, and finally a social lunch with Italian-Ghanaian food. The group also involved other local organisations involved with environment and sports. The festival created a moment of awareness towards the protection of the environment as well as public spaces, and a social moment of community gathering for young Palermitans from different countries.




Ciao ragazzi!

Il nostro obbiettivo è quello di organizzare un evento inclusivo🫂 ed eco-sostenibile🌱. Vogliamo sensibilizzare sull'importanza del rispetto ambientale, e, in particolare, sul rispetto della nostra città🏡.

📣 Lo sapevate che la raccolta differenziata in Sicilia ♻️, si attesta ancora sotto il 50%? Confermando ancora la nostra regione fanalino di coda tra le regioni italiane!👎🏼

Basta poco per essere dei cittadini migliori, insieme possiamo farcela!🏳

#unitiperlacittà #cesie #rebuild

Vi aspettiamo il 26•02•2022 alle ore 10:00 presso il foroItalico 🥳

Il nostro evento si terrà domenica *26 Febbraio* presso il Foroitalico!! 🌱

☀️La mattina ci dedicheremo alle attività di raccolta dei rifiuti ♻️ e al torneo di calcio ⚽️.

Successivamente ci sposteremo preso *La Casa della Cooperazione* in via Ponte di Mare 43, come potete vedere dalla mappa, è vicinissimo al Foroitalico!

Li potremo continuare a divertirci tutti insieme🎉

Gusteremo un ottimo pranzo a base di piatti africani tradizionali🍛, tra musica 🎶 e tante risate!

Vi aspettiamo in tanti❤️❤️

#unitiperlacittà #casadellacooperazione #rebuild #cesie #stellariaecofestival #palermo

@rebuildingeu #rebuildeu


Initiative #3: La Mappa Amunì Compà


Gruppo Appartamento Senegal


The young people of the Senegal Apartment Group for unaccompanied foreign minors from Bangladesh, Guinea and Somalia created a digital map of Palermo for young foreigners. They called it Amunì Compà, taking up a Sicilian expression very common among young people in Palermo. The objective of the Amunì Compà map is to help young foreigners arriving in Palermo to find their way around the city by pointing out different places of interest: markets, non-Italian shops and restaurants, public areas for sports, places of prayer, and meeting places. A map constructed by foreign minors for other foreign minors and translated into 5 different languages that promotes autonomy and inclusion.



Secondo te quanto è difficile essere giovane e solo?

Una mappa costruita dai minori per i minori: Amuni COMPÁ una mappa digitale interattiva con i luoghi importanti per i minori stranieri non accompagnati, sempre in crescita nella città di Palermo #rebuild #rebuildamunicompa

La maggior parte dei minori stranieri che giunge a Palermo sono ragazzi nella fascia di età 16-17 che rappresenta quella di maggiore vulnerabilità per la maggiore esposizione al rischio di esclusione per questo motivo l’autonomia in città risulta essere fondamentale.

Questo è l’obiettivo della mappa AMUNÍ COMPÁ: fornire tutti i punti di interesse per raggiungere l’obiettivo dell’orientamento #rebuild #rebuildamunicompa

Siete curiosi di conoscere i 5 Step che hanno condotto alla realizzazione della mappa AMUNÍ COMPÁ 📍?

Eccoli qui…cosa ne pensate?

#rebuildamunicompa #rebuild #rebuildtheworld #cesie

Initiative #4: Cubotto - il posacenere interattivo


Tu Sei La Città


The young men and women of Tu sei la città decided to help change a deeply rooted habit in our society: throwing cigarette butts on the ground. They did this by designing and constructing an interactive ashtray to be placed outside the clubs and cafés in Palermo as an element of street furniture. Asking citizens on the streets of Palermo, they found that many people are willing to change this habit but need better services and incentives. And thus was born the #Cubotto, the ashtray that asks questions. It has two separate compartments and the user can choose where to throw the butt based on how he or she chooses to answer a question. For example: Which one do you prefer? Bicycle (right) - Scooter (left). In this way, they followed up on the #ancheunaciccafaladifferenza campaign aimed at raising awareness of the correct disposal of cigarette butts.



Cos'è un posacenere interattivo?

Non ci sono già i posacenere in città?

🫱🏻‍🫲🏻 @tuseilacitta ha intrapreso il progetto rebuild e ha deciso di costruire un prototipo di posacenere per la cittadinanza

❓Come mai tutte queste cicche per terra?

Quanto tutto questo deriva da una mancanza e quanto da una cattiva abitudine?

📈Invece di cercare dentro di noi delle risposte abbiamo chiesto ai palermitani e i risultati parlano chiaro:

alcuni fumatori sono artefici di cattive abitudini ma sarebbero ben disposti a cercare di cambiarle con qualcosa che magari glielo ricordi

Perché vale la pena trovare una soluzione per lo smaltimento delle cicche di sigaretta🚬♻️

🚬♻️Il progetto del Posacenere interattivo è quasi giunto al termine

🎯 L'obiettivo è quello di fare ciccare dentro il posacenere

❓Per fare accadere ciò abbiamo deciso di porre dei quesiti alla cittadinanza per poi avere un riscontro anche statistico del pensiero generale

🚬♻️Dopo mesi di lavoro ad un progetto al quale teniamo particolarmente, è arrivato finalmente il momento di svelare il nostro posacenere interattivo.

🚬 Ieri abbiamo inaugurato al @wanderlust_palermo il posacenere interattivo #Cubotto ed è stato un momento bellissimo. Questo momento l'evoluzione di un processo iniziato già anni fa, quando lanciavamo la campagna #ancheunaciccafaladifferenza e giravamo per le strade di Palermo raccogliendo filtrini e regalando i nostri posacenere portatili.

♻️ Abbiamo provato a pensare più in grande, creando un elemento di arredo urbano che richiamasse alla città di Palermo per sensibilizzare sulle tematiche ambientali.

📐🖍️💭Il processo creativo che ha portato alla realizzazione finale del #cubotto ha seguito diversi step

Ogni progetto che proviamo a portare avanti come associazione, oltre all'amore per la nostra terra, ha alla base un reale processo creativo, mirato al miglioramento del luogo in cui viviamo e a generare percorsi educativi per tutta la cittadinanza.

Abbiamo sempre pensato che i piccoli gesti potessero portare a grandi cambiamenti.

Uno di questi esempi per noi è la campagna "anche una cicca fa la differenza" di cui il #Cubotto è un elemento portante.

A presto nuove info sugli sviluppi del progetto

Initiative #5: Rebuild your thoughts


Rebuild your thoughts


Have you ever thought about how a stereotype is created? What if you used stereotypes unknowingly? The Rebuild Your Thoughts project helped fight hate speech and stereotypes about migrants in the local media, giving the citizens of Palermo the opportunity to recognise and understand them. The girls from Rebuild Your Thoughts analysed local newspapers highlighting the most common prejudices against people with a migrant background and created a short guide to help recognise the stereotypes we may stop to reproduce. Posters and bookmarks around the city made the guide accessible via QR code. Working on one's thoughts enables one to be a free, informed and aware citizen.



Il nostro team sta esaminando gli articoli di tre dei quotidiani più letti a Palermo per mostrare quali stereotipi i media (ri)producono sui migranti. Sulla base dei nostri risultati, creeremo una guida che possa aiutare le persone a diventare più consapevoli di quali parole, frasi e immagini contribuiscono a creare spiacevoli idee sbagliate. Siamo entusiasti di condividere il nostro lavoro con voi nelle prossime settimane. 🙌🏼📖✏️ #rebuildyourthoughts

Una delle cose che il team Rebuild your thoughts vuole evidenziare è come un linguaggio eccessivamente positivo e eccessivamente negativo possa influenzare la nostra opinione. Essendo consapevoli di questo uso del linguaggio, possiamo combattere insieme gli stereotipi 📰💡🙋🏽‍♀️ #rebuildyourthoughts

La Sicilia ha una lunga storia di flussi migratori, quando trovate pregiudizi leggendo i media ricordate che la storia della Sicilia comprende tante altre storie, storie di popoli lontani che hanno lasciato un patrimonio artistico, storico, culturale e linguistico indelebile in questa terra multiculturale. 💫 #rebuildyourthoughts

La nostra motivazione ad avviare progetto specifico è dovuta al crescente problema con i mass media, che spesso contribuiscono a produrre stereotipi. Se tutti diventano ogni giorno più consapevoli di cosa significano diverse narrazioni di notizie e di come creano pregiudizi, siamo già un passo nella giusta direzione. 💡🤝🏼🙋🏽‍♀️ #rebuildyourthoughts

Ecco i nostri poster e segnalibri da accedere alle nostre linee guida per riconoscere e contrastare gli stereotipi nei media

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A tree of life




The scope of the Tree of life initiative is to improve the central local park of the city of Heraklion. The team together with the municipality and the consultation of experts aims to implement different activities focusing on creating an alive open space for local citizens of the fourth biggest city in Greece. Foxes team organized a tree planting event, and an informative event aimed to the local community. Finally, Foxes team invited the local community to visit the park, enjoy the green spaces and connect with nature. As a last activity, Foxes designed an “ashtray” in which the local community had to select their preference in a specific topic by voting with cigarette butts in a specific box. The indicative questions was whether they would like more green spaces in the city and if they would like to have more events in the parks.4


  • To conduct tree planting with the guidance of experts.
  • To raise awareness in the local community about the importance of respecting green spaces.
  • To motivate the local community to actively participate in future environmental activities.

The activities were focusing on different target groups. First of all the general public of all the ages. The idea was to encourage them visiting the local park, take care of it and transform it into an open place of socialization and creativity. Moreover, we focused on young students, that would like to offer a volunteering activity and re-create their local reality. Lastly, we focused on local authorities to introduce them our team and goals and how we can cooperate on having a positive impact.



What does it mean for you to live nearby in an alive park?

Our local team Foxes is working in the “Tree of life” project, and we are happy to present our idea!

Watch our video and stay tuned!

#Rebuild #rebuildeu #foxesteam #heraclioncrete #treeof lifeproject

Local children and even a senior couple passing by were delighted to pick a shovel and help us plant “A tree of life”. We got to meet many locals and hear their stories but also inform them about safeguarding the natural environment, Crete’s pant diversity and the importance of green spaces in urban environments. We should create as many pockets of cities as possible. We need nature as our neighbour.  

#Rebuild #rebuildeu #foxesteam #heraclioncrete #treeof lifeproject

The reliders


The reliders


The scope of the Re-liders initiative is to get in touch with qualified officers at seaside municipalities in Greece and engage them into a dialogue about the best practices with regards to trash containers in coastal areas. Aside from spreading awareness about the impact of overflowing trash cans on human health and the environment, the ultimate goal of this project is to raise funds for a region with low budget in order to replace non appropriate containers, especially in provinces

Objectives :

  1. To facilitate informative session in an environmental conference 
  2. To raise awareness about the importance of having appropriate bins especially in the coastal areas
  3. To prepare a policy brief for the stakeholders

The target group of the initiative was all the Greeks that bathe in the beaches during  summer, and the Deputy Mayors of municipalities in Greece. The municipalities are responsible for the situation that exist in greek coastal areas, but sometimes they lack staff and resources in order to achieve a desirable situation. Thus, the citizens that enjoy the sea also play a vital role, as the desirable result can only be achieved via the cooperation of the citizens and the authorities.



Do you remember the initiative taken by Re-liders in relation to the problem of the inappropriateness of waste bins in coastal areas?

👉 The Re-liders team and All For Blue extend their warm thanks to the Deputy Mayor of Alimos, Mr. Yannis Antonakis, who informed about the following:

  1. the lack of education by the majority of citizens and the need to raise their awareness,
  2. the negligence of the cleaning staff of the seaside restaurants and their misuse of the bins,
  3. the difficulty faced by Municipalities in relation to hiring cleaning staff,
  4. the frequent vandalism of the bins.

🙌🏻 Congratulations to Mr. Antonakis and the Department of Cleaning and Recycling of the Municipality of Alimos for their battle to keep the city clean and the citizens healthy.

🙌🏻 The effort continues... & until our next communication...don't forget that we do NOT throw our waste into an overflowing bin or a bin that doesn't have a lid!

#Reliders #REBUILDeu #youth #Erasmus #Erasmusplus #Greece

Meet the "Re-liders"

👉 The Re-liders introduced themselves last Friday during the ACadmic day at the National Technical University of Athens that the @phoxys.ntua organized.

👉 Our new youth team takes part in the @rebuildingeu project and they aim at re-liding all the lid-less trash bins that are found near coastal areas in Greece.

👉 The goal is raising awareness among the youth at Universities and schools about what is at risk when we the citizens use trash bins that carry no lid. The consequences are severe for the marine world as well as the human health.

Visit and check out the relevant presentation (available only in Greek at the moment). #Reliders #REBUILDeu #youth #Erasmus #Erasmusplus #Greece

Green Recess


Green Recess is a project that was conducted in schools as a way to teach students about environmental conservation and sustainability. The main goal of the project is to create a sustainable system for decomposing organic waste materials and turning them into nutrient-rich soil.

The composting project is an effective way to teach students about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability while providing them with practical skills for reducing waste and creating natural fertiliser. It can also be a fun and engaging project that encourages teamwork and hands-on learning.

Our main goal was raising awareness about the benefits of composting and promoting sustainable living among young children as it is essential in creating a more environmentally conscious generation. By teaching children the importance of composting and the impact it has on reducing waste and creating nutrient-rich soil, we can instil in them a sense of responsibility towards the environment and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. Through this project, we also aimed to empower future generations with the knowledge and skills to create a greener, more sustainable future for themselves and the planet.


  1. To know the basics of composting: Understanding how composting works is essential to teaching it effectively. You must be familiar with the different types of composting (e.g., hot composting, cold composting etc.) and the materials that can be composted.
  2. To have a deep understanding of the benefits of composting: It is important to be able to explain the environmental benefits of composting, including reducing waste in landfills, creating nutrient-rich soil, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Choosing a composting method: Depending on the available resources, different composting methods may be more appropriate for different situations. Knowing how to choose a composting method based on factors such as available space, climate, and volume of organic waste can help you determine the best approach for the classroom.
  4. Always trying to maintain a compost system: Maintaining a healthy compost system involves monitoring and adjusting moisture levels, temperature, and airflow to ensure that the compost is breaking down properly. You should know how to troubleshoot common problems and maintain a healthy compost system.
  5. Keeping in mind that it must be safely taught: When working with compost, it is important to teach safety guidelines to students, such as wearing gloves and washing hands after handling compost.
  6. Creating engaging lesson plans: To make composting fun and engaging for students, it is important to create lesson plans that are hands-on and interactive, allowing students to learn by doing.



Bins mapping


The project aims to map the recycling bins in the area of Piraeus. Then the team created an application that provides the location of the recycling bins in this specific neighborhood. The team prepared QR codes and is planning to stick them in the different bins of the area which will explain which kind of waste corresponds to each bin.  


  1. To locate the different types of bins in Piraeus area.
  2. To raise public awareness of the waste division
  3. To encourage citizens to use in a proper way the bins.

Video explaining the initiative of the team.

Compendium des initiatives des jeunes

Le compendium des initiatives des jeunes résume toutes les initiatives conçues par les équipes de jeunes avant le début de la mise en œuvre du projet.

Also available in:

EL - ES - FR - IT - LT

Rapport public sur les initiatives menées par les jeunes

Ce rapport résume toutes les initiatives et donne un aperçu de l'avancement des activités, de l'impact et des actions de communication.

Les concours nationaux

Dans chaque pays, un concours national a été lancé pour élire six équipes gagnantes, une par pays, qui ont eu l'opportunité de présenter leurs initiatives au Parlement européen à Bruxelles pendant le Sommet international de la jeunesse. Le concours était basé à la fois sur un vote en ligne et sur un vote du jury. Lisez ici les lignes directrices pour les concours nationaux avec les règles et les critères de vote.

Voici nos initiatives gagnantes !

Chypre - Let's pain our school together
Grèce - Green Recess
Italie - La Mappa Amunì Compà
Lituanie - Kartu
Martinique - KARE'A
Espagne - Volver a Ser